Take Time to Sing (with your kids)

sing with your child kelly heard coaching

We’re coming to the end of National Sing With Your Child Month, so here’s a flashback of my daughter and me in our community theater’s production of Bye Bye Birdie.

She’s moved on to high school-related activities, but we really enjoy the memories of the several summers we were acting and singing in plays together, alongside other families.

One option to keep your kids active – and yet still stay connected with them – is to find something that you can do together as a family.

Not sitting passively on the sidelines as your kid participates, but really participating together.

I get it – it’s hard enough finding time to keep up with everything that *has* to be done, yet alone add things to your already demanding schedule.

But as the mom of a high school student, I can attest to how fast the time with your kids passes.

The laundry, shopping, and dishes will get done somehow.

But the chances to create memories having fun doing something alongside your kids is fleeting.

Make the plans today.

When your kids are older, you won’t regret having them get clothes right out of the laundry basket to get dressed for school. (TBH you probably won’t even remember!).

But you will regret letting the chance to be with them, in whatever form, pass you by.


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