The Luck in Our Thoughts

luck in our thoughts kelly heard coaching

One of the key elements of coaching is that our feelings are caused by our thoughts. This was one of the hardest things for me to grasp when I first got started with life coaching.

Like most people, I had always believed that my feelings – both positive and negative – just happen; they’re caused by other people and the things that take place in my life.

Most of us aren’t familiar with the concept of managing our thoughts. Because not only are we never taught how to, we’re not even taught that it’s possible – that it’s even a ‘thing’.

I am here to tell you it is. If this stubborn Irish woman can let go of her old beliefs to make it happen, I think anyone can.

Because eventually I realized how disempowering it is to believe that I am at the effect of the circumstances in my life. I got past my typical stubborn skepticism of believing that something like life coaching only works for other people, but not for me.

I learned how to manage my thoughts, and saw the immediate benefits it had on how I felt about myself, about other people, and about my life in general.

Call it the luck of the Irish.

Now I get to do this for a living. I get to see the transformation in other people when they (I’m gonna go there) get to the other side of the rainbow. *insert eyeroll here*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Mamas. ☘️🌈

I dedicate this post to my often-stubborn Irish grandmother, Mary Catherine “Katie” Martin. I know you’re up in heaven getting your buldoon painted green today, Grandmom. 💚

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