❄️ Let It Go, Elsa (your story, that is)

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I don’t need to tell you that we humans get into disagreements from time to time.

Some start out small, then snowball into larger and larger disagreements over time and with each exchange of words.

The next thing you know they’re creating rifts between family members and friends, damaging relationships that go unrepaired for years, or even for the rest of their lives.

And somewhere along the way everyone involved lost sight of how petty the initial agreement may have been.

🥔 Someone said her brother’s wife’s potato salad isn’t very good.
💸 A group of siblings thinks it’s not fair that their parents lent another sibling money for car repairs. Again.
🎰 A bridesmaid wouldn’t spring for her friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas.
🥱 Sister A told someone Sister B gives boring birthday gifts.

Just a tiny spattering of the things people create disagreements over.

And yet, if you ask them, each party probably wouldn’t look at the reason for the disagreement as petty.

When we feel we’ve been wronged somehow, we feel justified in clinging to our anger, no matter the reason. And no matter the consequences.

We tell ourselves a story over and over again of how we are the one who is right, because that person shouldn’t treat us this way.

Some people carry their stories of how they’re been wronged for YEARS. Even taking them to their graves.

Super sad. 😪

Because our stories of what took place are EXACTLY that. Just stories. Not reality.

They are merely thoughts that we have about a situation. Thoughts about an action, inaction, or interaction. Thoughts about an exchange of words.

Yet our thoughts about them are all OPTIONAL. And holding on to our stories is optional as well.

Letting go of our stories frees us from the suffering we create for ourselves by thinking that the people around us should behave differently and treat us differently.

Letting go redirects our mental energy towards strengthening our relationships with others, allowing us to experience more meaningful interactions with the people who are most important to us.

This weekend, think about some disagreements you may have had with someone (or are having right now!). Try to focus on the original reason for it, and how you might be able to let go of it being a reason for carrying negative thoughts of that person.

Then let it go, Elsa, let it go. ❄️

If you feel a weight lifting off your shoulders, you’re doing it right.

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