Be An Example To Your Kids, Still

mature woman and young woman Be An Example To Your Kids Still Kelly Heard Coaching

One of the biggest ways you can help your children after they’ve become independent of the nest is to continue to be an example.

Except now you shift from giving them the basics of how to live their lives, to being their example of how to live a full, rich, mature adult life. 

So stay active. 

Have fun.

Keep growing. Learn new things. Make new friends.

Take care of your health, both mental and physical.

Go on adventures.

Take risks.

Invest in yourself.

Be unstoppable.

They don’t want to see you shrink away and stop enjoying life now that you’re no longer a full-time mom. 

Not only does it make them happy to see you happy, it shows what is possible for them, too.

So give yourself permission to go and do All Of The Things.

Because you’re still their biggest teacher.

If you’re feeling stuck and not sure how living as that great example for your kids looks like for you, let’s talk about getting you unstuck. Just click here to get scheduled with me for a free, 30-minute strategy session.

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