New Year, New Mamas 🥂

New year new mamas picture of people toasting with champaigne glasses Kelly Heard Coaching

This is going to be an extraordinary year. I can feel it already. Not that every year isn’t great in its own right. 

But whenever there’s something big and new in the coming year, I’m even more excited about it. So I’m formally letting the world know that I’m shifting my core client group to: 

Empty Nest Moms! 

[cue the fireworks and confetti :-)]

I love and will still coach my Busy Working Moms. In fact I’ve always coached all kinds of folks – men and women included – with all kinds of needs for help: relationships, weight loss, business, career, time management, parenting – you name it. A good coach has the tools to help anyone on whatever they want help with. 

The inside scoop: for many coaches, our niche is really only in regard to our marketing. As they say in the biz world, “when you try to be everything to everybody, you become nothing to anyone”. So when you specialize your message, you speak directly to a certain group of people who need help.

I decided to make the shift earlier this year after my daughter left for college, making me an “empty nester”. The emotional ride of this major change required *a lot* of self-coaching. Yup, at times I was a hot mess. 

So I decided to help other moms in the same boat with their transition into this new phase of life. And what better time to make it official than the start of the New Year? 

I invite all moms to join me on the journey of tackling a new phase in life. It might not always be smooth, because processing the emotions of life can be a rocky ride. 

But I assure you, you’ll have a lot more joy than you will going it alone. 

Happy New Year, Mamas! 

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