When It Feels Like *Nothing* is Working

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Ever feel like you just can’t make this working mom thing work?

Like no matter what you do, you can’t get all of the things you need to get done, done? At work and at home?

You make lists, keep a tight calendar, and do your best to stay organized. But inevitably, something falls through the cracks and you start to think that was all a waste of time and effort.

If you put in extra hours at work to get caught up, you’re exhausted when you get home.  And it cuts into the already not-enough time you get to spend with your kids.

Set the housework aside to spend quality time with the hubby and kids, then the house feels like a disorganized mess. (But seriously, who doesn’t like dressing their kids every day from clothes pulled straight from the laundry basket? 😜)

Bust your hump to get the house clean and organized, and your family starts to feel like near strangers. Not to mention you’re still exhausted.

So many of us feel like no matter what we do and no matter how hard we try, we just can’t make it work.

And worse yet, we think that it’s because of us. That we’re doing something wrong. Because surely most other working moms have it all figured out.

But that, my friend, is not the case.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are a perfect, beautiful, loving human being.

So the next time you start to feel that sense of can’t-get-it-all-done hopelessness, take a minute or two and do this little exercise:

Ask yourself: what evidence do I have that the opposite is true?

We spend so much time creating mental lists of all the things that don’t go right, that aren’t perfect, that we start to believe they are the truth.

But they are not the truth. They are just thoughts you have.

So now you’re going to make a list of evidence that the opposite of that is true.

Grab your favorite journal, a piece of paper, or even the note-taking app in your phone. Now make a list of a least a few ways you are making it work.

💪 I get a meal on the dinner table every day
💪 My kids go to school in clean clothes
💪 I earned a promotion & raise this year
💪 My husband & I are 9 years into a happy marriage

Simply going through the exercise of focusing on what is going right for you – the things we tend to overlook because we see them as ‘givens’ – reminds your brain that there really is some balance in your life.

If those examples thoughts don’t work because you are in a place of intense frustration – maybe they seem too unrealistic for you right now – start with some basics:

💪 My kids are getting an education
💪 Our pantry is never empty
💪 We have a home where we can sleep safely every night
💪 We have electricity and clean drinking water

You’d be surprised how looking at some of the very basics of life can make you feel you are accomplishing significant things for yourself and your family. They may not be huge, but they are indeed significant wins because you make it all happen.

If this little exercise doesn’t help your mind re-focus, or if you’ve simply had enough with struggling to make it all work, I can help you.

Together we’ll work on ways to toss aside your overwhelm and frustration for good, and create the path to get you the life you’ve been wanting.

A life where you feel confident. Relaxed. Fulfilled. At peace.

That life is waiting for you now. Let’s get started.

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