👽 How a Trip to Mars Can Energize Your Personal Growth

Nerd alert: I’m talking space science here 🤓

I took a newfound interest in space exploration earlier this year when the Perseverance rover landed on Mars.

It was really cool to see that one of the things they’re doing there is collecting rock and other samples to see if there really was life on Mars at one time. And, to learn more about what it’s like so humans can go there in the future. It’s the kind of stuff that’s straight out of old-school sci-fi movies.

But what really caught my attention was the innovation in how they actually landed the Perseverance rover on the planet’s surface.  

Remember the movie Hidden Figures where the teams of mathematicians and engineers spent months making mind-boggling calculations to decide the exact path a spaceship should take in order to land safely?

So. Old. School.

Perseverance uses a new technology called Terrain Relative Navigation. In short, the capsule takes pictures as it gets close to the planet’s surface and compares them to pictures stored in its memory. Then it uses artificial intelligence to decide if that’s a safe place to land.

If it’s too steep or rocky, it looks for a smoother, safer place to land and goes there. The capsule itself makes the decision where to land, not a human. 🤯

The NASA engineers could have just gone with the familiar, tried-and-true landing method that’s been used since the 60s. Instead, they decided to take a relatively new capability – artificial intelligence – and marry it with their already advanced engineering prowess to create a possibility that didn’t exist before.


I’m no NASA engineer, but my guess is it wasn’t just for the fun of incorporating AI into the mission. Rather, to continue advancing human capabilities of space exploration.

And grow our knowledge and potential as humans for the benefit of future generations.

So how do we non-space engineers find motivation to engage in life-long learning for our own growth? What if we all lived our lives focused on doing the work to grow and evolve, even when we don’t have to?

Curiosity and learning are part of our nature as humans. When we dedicate energy to continue our learning, we grow as individuals. That growth gives us options, and allows us to lead fuller lives.  

Many of us stop our learning when we get out of school. With the exception of a few life experiences – how to do a job, raise kids, buy a house, etc., – we stop putting effort into our own growth and learning.   

I get it – adulting takes a lot of time, energy, and brain power. Our brains have evolved to help us preserve energy, so that becomes default mode for us when we don’t have to do something in order to survive.

So pretty much all of us have back-burnered any interest to somehow grow and learn because… job, marriage, and kids.  

It’s not that busy moms don’t deserve down time when they need it. But how many times has that been our go-to reason for not learning or pursuing our own personal growth?

There are soooo many of us who default to thinking we’re just too busy taking care of everyone and everything else to do anything for ourselves. Or that our kids, partner, and home should always come first, lest someone think we’re selfish. 

And let’s face it, it’s easier to prioritize binge-watching Bridgerton in our downtime than it is to enroll in that Leadership Certificate Program you’ve been thinking about for four years now.  Or take the stained glass class. Or join the Female Writers book club. Or…., or…., or…

If we want to teach our children the importance of creating a full and balanced life and what that looks like, we need to show them by example. They need to see us making it happen for ourselves, whatever that looks like.

I want you to take some time to think about this:

What kind of learning and growth opportunities have you been putting off in your adult life? (maybe even before marriage and kids came along)

What can you do now to start making that happen so that you can show your kids, your partner, and your friends that you value living a full and diverse life?

Putting the pieces of personal growth and learning in place isn’t an impossible pipe dream.

It can absolutely happen for you. I can help.

I coach busy working moms to create a life that make them feel fulfilled, balanced, and happy. The lives they’ve always wanted.

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P.S. Don’t allow yourself to think “when the kids are grown I’ll have time to pursue that degree/ start a new hobby/ write that book” or whatever your desire for personal growth looks like. It’s absolutely possible for it to begin NOW. If you’re not sure how to get started, just reach out for a free strategy session to find out how.

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