👠 This Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Next Career

the way to my next career Kelly Heard Coaching

“How did you get into that?”

The phrase I most often hear in response to telling people I am a life coach.

So I share the events that led to it: my then-business of SEO and web analytics consulting was not where I wanted it to be after several years in practice. I had a classic case of Imposter Syndrome. 👁

So I joined The Life Coach School, an online life coaching program with a great entrepreneurial component that I anticipated could help me up my game when it came to pursuing larger clients and contracts.

It did more than that.

Their concepts of life coaching resonated so well with me that eight months later I opted to join their Coach Certification Program and became a life coach.

Never in all the previous years of my career did I think becoming a life coach would be something I’d even consider. But the idea of being able to make the kind of profound, positive changes that I had experienced through coaching was something I couldn’t pass up.

So rather than boosting my career, I opted to go all in and switch careers altogether. 💥

Life coaching can improve so many parts of your life: your self-confidence, your relationships, your career, your ability to set and achieve goals, lose weight, and so many more.  

Real, lasting change.

You see, the kind of coaching we practice isn’t fluffy, woo-woo, ‘channel your inner goddess and all your dreams will manifest themselves’ hooey.

This kind of coaching is based in cognitive psychology, exploring your thoughts, feelings, and subsequent actions and results, thereby getting to the core of what’s holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

It’s like installing a GPS in your brain 📡🧠, giving it step-by-step directions and guidance so that it takes you where you want to go in life, with intention, not where you happen to end up on your own. And you’ll learn to do so with a sense of calm and self-confidence that can carry you through literally any of life’s challenges. 🧘‍♀️

If you find yourself giving life coaching a try, you probably won’t decide to become a coach yourself. But I can tell you that if you apply yourself, coaching will create lasting change in you that you never anticipated.  

And you are so worth it.

If making lasting change sounds interesting to you, then perhaps we can work together. Click here to sign up for a free mini-consult with me.

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