Work With Me

Start living life with purpose again, on your terms.

You, with the fortune of having a great career, but who’s paying for it with never-ending guilt about the time you spend away from your kids.

You’re forever feeling caught in the conflicts between career life and home life.

Like no matter what you do, you’re not really winning in either one. Because there’s always someone on one side or the other who you feel you’ve let down.

It’s been taking a toll on your relationship with your partner.

And the thought of investing in the self care you so desperately need is just a distant fantasy. Something you haven’t had time for since the kids were born…your promotion…the pandemic turned things upside down…

Somewhere along the way you lost touch with yourself.

Let’s get to work. On you.

I’ll help you get rid of the thoughts and feelings that got you to this place in life where you don’t want to be.

You’ll learn how to believe the thoughts that you don’t yet believe for yourself, your relationships, or your goals.

We’ll get you unstuck, restoring your confidence in yourself and in what is possible for your future.

Back to living your life on your terms.

Happy. Fulfilled. Energized.

You deserve this. And your kids do, too.

I’ve got you, Mama.

Let’s get started.