Why You Can Totally Fail and Still Be Perfect🙌

not perfect but 100 percent kelly heard coaching

A fellow working mom was recently telling me how she felt like her life was pretty good: career is good, relationship with her husband is good, kids are good. She has most things going well and under control.

Except, she said, she was “totally failing at taking care of my health and exercising”.

Although she seemed healthy, this idea of failing at her health was this big issue plaguing her mind, and affecting how she looked at her life as a whole.

It was making the fact that she was killing it in all the other areas of her life seem almost meaningless.

We women do that to ourselves OFTEN. Even if 99% of our lives are great, we look for ONE thing that we want to believe isn’t, and focus on it.

It’s as if we have to find at least SOME reason to throw shade on ourselves.
Believe we are less than perfect and whole, just as we are.  

👉 Any form of hating on ourselves doesn’t serve us. 👈

It keeps us from believing we are capable of doing great things.
It robs us of our joy, and blocks us from focusing on all of the things in our lives that ARE good, even great.

Which, when you think carefully, is a lot.

What are you believing about your life that you don’t have to?
What do you want to believe instead?

Practice believing that, and let that be the driver of how you view your life as a whole.

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Hope you have a beautiful week. 🌈

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