When Your Kids Trigger You 🧨

when your kids trigger you Kelly Heard Coaching

It’s common these days to hear people use the phrase “that person triggers me”. Moms I talk to use often use it in reference to their kids, too. Such as:

“My daughter triggers me when I get home from work and she’s all over me about driving her to a friend’s house, to a store or some other place, before I even get a chance to have dinner! Then I eat off my diet plan because I’m even more stressed than when I walked in the door.”

“My kids trigger me when they start fighting every time we get in the car. By the time we get to where we’re going, I’m so irritated that I can’t even enjoy myself for a while when we get there.”

Whether you call it triggers, annoys, irritates, gets on my nerves, or something else, I’ve got news for you.

They’re not really doing that.

It’s really just your thoughts about their behavior that’s triggering you.

Your daughter isn’t physically holding you down and forcing food in your mouth that isn’t part of your diet. It’s your thoughts about your interaction that create negative emotions in your mind. Then you take action from those negative emotions by trying to bury them – typically with food that isn’t on your diet plan.

I’ve mentioned before about how we have been programmed to believe that our thoughts and feelings are something that just happens to us. That we are at the effect of other people’s behavior.

But you are a grown woman, in control of her own emotions. And, you have the power of gaining and keeping control over your thoughts that drive those emotions, along with the resulting actions. It just takes practice.

The first step is to create consciousness in yourself that choosing thoughts that serve you is possible. That you don’t have to let your mind take on negative thoughts that affect you. You can decide on what thoughts will serve you in any situation.

It may feel clunky and ineffective at first. But like any skill, it just takes practice to get it right.

Being able to keep yourself on the emotional straight and narrow, and not triggered, is well worth the effort. 💜

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