What Were You Taught About Money?

what were you taught about money kelly heard coaching

So many of our beliefs about money were learned from the adults who were around us growing up, influenced by our culture:

🧐 It’s tacky to talk about how much money you have.

🧐 If you want to make a lot of money, you have to work hard for it. And the more you want, the harder you have to work.

🧐 How much money you earn depends heavily on your education and your field of work.

The reality is, money is not inherently good or bad. Those labels come from when we assign meaning to it in our minds.

And the amount of money we make depends completely on the thoughts we have about money. If we think we can’t make more, or have more, we won’t. We remain in the time-for-money conundrum.

If we think we can make more and have more, we very likely will. We think about money from a place of abundance. From there, our minds open up to the possibilities for making more based on the limitless options for creating value.

What were you taught about money growing up? If you want to change how much you currently have, do you see yourself being able to change your thoughts and beliefs about money?

You can change your beliefs around money – including how you can make more. Just click here to get started.

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