This Never-Ending Situation 🗓🤦‍♀️

Never ending situation Kelly Heard Coaching

Unless you’ve lived off the grid for some time, you’re all too aware that we’ve been living with the numerous changes in our lives created by covid-19 for months now.

Some of us working moms have managed to get by with the resulting working- and schooling-at-home arrangements with the understanding that even though it may be frustrating, it’s just temporary and everything will go back to normal soon.

Except, what we initially thought would be a few weeks turned into a few months. A few months that feel more like a few years. 

We’re heading into the latter part of summer, and the relief many of us envisioned by now from the pandemic-induced adjustments is partial, at best. 

Unless you live in a school district that’s sending kids back to school in person, full-time, fall isn’t looking much different either.

No one really knows when this will end. 

All we know is that we’ve been white-knuckling it for so long our fingers feel like they’re going to fall off. 🖐

So the question is: how do you want to handle it going forward, until our lives get back to normal?

It’s only human to want to commiserate with our partners, our families, and our friends over the emotional stresses brought on by the extra workload moms have taken on this year. 

But be careful of allowing your thoughts to always go to a place of hopelessness, frustration, and victimhood.  

That’s not the mindset that brings you the peace and clarity that will serve you.

Your thoughts drive the feelings that create the actions that produce your results. 

While you may not be able to change the situation, you are certainly in charge of how you think about it for the rest of its duration. 

So how do you want to think about it going forward?

🔥What if you decided that you are going to find the way to make these adjustments work for you? 

🔥To focus your mental energy on creating the solution to make it work, rather than spinning in frustration and indecision?

🔥That you can have your kids and partner at home all day and still accomplish what you want to?

🔥And that all those inconveniences and interruptions in your day aren’t barriers to getting things done, just blips that you handle then skim right back to the task at hand because you are a bada** Mama.  

Decide on the outcome you want for yourself during this time. 

Then decide what thoughts and feelings you want to have and the actions you want to take in order to get it. 

The decisions are yours, Mama. 🦸‍♀️

Let’s do this. 

P.S. I know for some of you that managing your thoughts in the current situation might seem impossible. When you’ve gone from the overwhelm of keeping up with your day-to-day life, to the burnout of staying on top of your multiple roles of career woman, mom, and wife in one setting, it’s easy to feel buried. I can help you dig out of that hole for good. Just click here to get started.

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