Post-Challenge and Post-Op Wrapup

pre surgery selfie from day 10 post op followup Kelly Heard Coaching

OK, so I totally fell off the wagon posting about my 30-day exercise challenge progress. #didmybest

The Never Ending Sinus Infection took too much care and feeding to keep up with daily posts and all the rest of my daily commitments. I kept up with the exercise until the end, but at a much smaller scale.

Now I’m 10 days post-surgery, and back to work and semi-normal activity.

Having the tools of self-coaching were incredibly helpful during the surgery process, especially being able to separate circumstances (facts) from thoughts.

My fear factor: almost none.

Self-pity from pain and discomfort: none.

Guilt from taking time off work: moderate.  

It was almost unbelievable how well it worked, and at a time when I needed it most.

I didn’t even get cranky going 36 hours without eating! That in itself is a near-miracle for someone who used to consider herself the poster child for hangry.  🙂

Life coaching helps on so many levels. It’s not just the objective insights on your mind – you also learn the meta skill of self-coaching to carry yourself through everything from the small, daily stuff to life’s bigger situations.  

The sense of comfort and self-sufficiency it gives me is amazing. I can’t recommend this work enough. 

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