On Hunkering Down

On Hunkering Down ducks in a pond Kelly Heard Coaching

I’ve talked to a lot of people recently who seem to be living in a state of endless ‘on hold’. They’re waiting for things to get ‘back to normal’.

Here’s why I encourage people not to do that:

When we think of the present moment as “waiting it out” we create a mental and emotional limit for ourselves.

“Waiting for it to end” feels so imprisoning. “Making the best of it” feels so limiting. It robs us of the beauty that is right now.

Time still passes no matter what adjustments we’ve needed to make to our day-to-day routines. Life goes on regardless of the activities and luxuries we’ve had to forego.

In the time since widespread social distancing began, spring officially started. Flowers bloomed and baby chicks hatched, oblivious to we humans’ state of living.

Weekdays still rolled into weekends, which passed into new work weeks.

👧👦 Our kids got a couple months older.

👱 We got a couple months older.

And the ‘waiting it out’ has developed into a little more waiting, and a little more. And there’s still no official end in sight.

What if we decided to be at peace with what is right now? To focus on what we do have with appreciation in spite of what we don’t have?

To take a deep breath, drop our limiting thoughts of ‘hunkering down’, and begin to live our lives in concert with this new normal, rather than letting it limit our joy?

Life isn’t about everything being perfect. Life rarely is.

If you look at the bigger picture of your life right now, you’ll likely see the amount of good in your life and in the world, see life for all of its beauty and opportunity and wonder, and see how it far surpasses what’s not right or perfect.

Beautiful things are still happening.

Just open your mind and join in.

~ Kelly 💜

P.S. I know for some of you this shift might seem impossible. When you’ve gone from the overwhelm of keeping up with your day-to-day life, to the burnout of staying on top of your multiple roles of career woman, mom, and wife in one setting, it’s easy to feel buried. I can help you dig out of that hole for good. Just click here to get started.

Note: I’m not suggesting ignoring science and social distancing protocols in any way. This is about shifting our mindsets from one of limitations to one of abundance and the ever-present beauty of life.

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