Negative Emotions Actually Have Value

unhappy woman in yellow sweater Kelly Heard Coaching

It may be tough to accept, but our lives are actually supposed to be a balance of positive and negative emotions.

We’re taught to believe that the goal in life is to be as happy and carefree as possible. Unfortunately that belief can be reinforced by carefully curated images in social media of ‘beautiful’ people living ‘perfect’ lives. In TV, when most problems are solved by the end of an episode. And in movies, when the heroine and hero almost always win out in the end.

So when this doesn’t happen in our own lives, we think something has gone terribly wrong, or that it somehow means we are flawed, or that something very unfair has happened to us.

But what if these things were simply….OK? And that life was supposed to happen that way? That negative emotions might actually happen for you, not against you?

If we experienced only positive emotions, we would never know they were positive. We would never see the contrast between the two, or be able to appreciate beauty without the ugliness.

If we learn to accept this balance of emotions and stop fighting against it, we can release the burden of everything needing to be perfect, and find peace in knowing that our lives are happening the way they should be.

The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. . . .

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