Marriage Story from the perspective of a life coach, Part 2

Mariage Story video breakdown Part 2 Kelly Heard Coaching

I don’t need to tell you why bingeing Netflix to keep your mind off the news this week is a good idea.  

So if you do binge, I recommend watching Marriage Story if you haven’t already.  

It’s both heartwarming and grippingly sad – but worth every second. Trust me.

Last week I shared the first of my 3-part series on life coaching lessons from the film, and what we can learn about relationships from it. 

In Part 2 of the series, you’ll learn:

  • ~ How we can be happy regardless of our jobs, our houses, our marriages, or literally anything in our lives
  • ~ How we can take responsibility for our own emotional state, keeping us within our power 
  • ~ Why changing jobs, cars, houses, spouses, or other things in our lives doesn’t make us feel happy and fulfilled

Regardless of your relationship status – married, partnered, divorced, going through a divorce, or another – having a life coach’s perspective on a couple’s emotionally intense interactions can give you a whole new understanding of how our relationships can work.

With so many of us spending significantly more time in our immediate family’s presence, we might as well learn a thing or two on how to make it work better, amirite?

Click here to watch Part 2 now.

Stay safe. 

Have patience. 

And love each other like you never have before.

P.S.  Taking care of our physical and mental health is important in the best of times. And now it’s become crucial. Don’t be afraid to ask for help managing your emotions over the coming weeks. I offer FREE 30-minute, no-obligation coaching consultations over Zoom or via telephone, and would consider it my honor to help you through this.  Click here to schedule your session now.

P.P.S.   Take a deep breath. We will get through this, together. 🌈

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