Mama, stop hiding in the bathroom.

woman in a bathroom using her phone stop hiding Kelly Heard Coaching

HEY! I see you hiding in the bathroom, scrolling through your phone. 🚽

Yeah, you.

The mom who’s frazzled from trying to get work done while the kids are at home.

You just want some time to work uninterrupted.

But they want you constantly – to help with school work, to get snacks, and to play referee when they argue at least once every 19.5 minutes.

You love them with all your heart and soul, of course. But oh boy, would you just love some time away from them right now.

Except that’s not on the list of options at the moment.

So you escape the frustration by hiding in the bathroom with your phone.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

“I don’t want to go back out there” you think in the back of your mind while swiping through someone’s banana bread pictures.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

“Why can’t they just behave themselves and leave me alone so I can get things done?”

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

“I have so much work to do. But if I don’t get a break from them I’m going to lose it.”

And guess what’s happening? You’re not getting

The kids are still arguing. They still need help with their homework.

And you still have to submit that report by 5:00 p.m.

That’s stuff’s not going away no matter how long you hide in there.

Nothing on in your social media feed will give you the relief you’re craving.

It’s time you got some help from a life coach.

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Tell me ‘bout all your frustrations, and I’ll give you the secret of what to do the next time you want to lock yourself away in the bathroom that will prevent it from happening again.

Best part is, the first 30 minute session is FREE.

But you’ll feel so much better you might offer me a roll of toilet paper from your pandemic stash in appreciation. 🧻

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