Growth: the Pathway to Your Dreams

Growth is the pathway to our dreams Kelly Heard Coaching

Personal growth can be hard. 

It requires us to leave our comfort zone. To learn new things. To take risks, knowing we may fail. And often to become a different version of ourselves.

Sometimes we climb to a certain height and get scared, returning to the ground where it’s safe. But in doing so, we miss out on the joy and gratification of living our lives from a higher place. To feel the warm sun on our faces. 

When I look back at times in my life when I avoided personal growth, I told myself that it wasn’t necessary. It was too risky. It didn’t make sense. I was too tired/too busy/too old to bother. Or I didn’t know how.

Now I know those are all lies I was telling myself. 

Never again.

My life is too important to sell myself short like that. 

If you’re tired of selling yourself short, join my coaching program now.

You life is waiting. 🌼🧡

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