Making Sure You Get the Best in Coaching

make sure you get the best in coaching kelly heard coaching

Think life coaching is an easy career? Then here’s a myth-buster for you: while it feels easy on most days because I love what I do, we don’t just get certified and sent on our way to do whatever we want with it. Not where I was certified, at least.

I was trained & certified through The Life Coach School. (yes, the one with the awesome podcast & group coaching program). In order to maintain our active certified coach status, we have to apply for re-certification annually.

That means we are required to:

✅ attend monthly learning calls for certified coaches

✅ attend special supplemental learning courses (this year they included a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion course, and another on Therapy vs Coaching and knowing when to refer someone to counseling).

✅ (just this year) attend a suicide prevention course

✅ pass an exam on all of the current year’s learning

✅ maintain minimum requirements for coaching hours

✅ regularly publish free educational content through a blog, podcast, or otherwise

In exchange, we have access to all of the LCS free training and tools for free, for life.

And, of course, the pride of knowing the incredible value we provide as life coaches. Because we know the more tools we have in our toolboxes, the greater the help we give to our clients.

We don’t just ‘offer guidance’.

We change lives.🔥

Are you in?

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