Day 9 – Exercise challenge: recumbent bike, plus family

Day 9 exercise challenge Kelly Heard Coaching family sitting on couch together

My niece Courtney works out every day.

I know this because she posts daily clips of it on IG and Facebook.

She also is mom to a pre-teen.

And a 3-year-old.

AND 7-month-old twins.

AND she has a full-time job outside the home.

I can’t imagine anyone in my life who has less free time on her hands.

Yet she keeps that commitment to herself, because she doesn’t lose sight of how important it is, not only to her but to her family as well.

(Not that they care one lick about what she looks like physically.)

She understands that prioritizing her own health means that she has more to give to the people who are most important to her.

A mom putting her own needs first isn’t selfish. Sometimes it’s a necessity.

Because as they say, “You can’t fill someone else’s bucket if your own bucket is empty.“ 💯

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