Day 8 – Exercise challenge – gardeners yoga

Day 8 of exercises challenge - gardeners yoga Kelly Heard Coaching

One of the many reasons people quit exercising is due to boredom with their routines. 😒

Monotony seeps into our human brains and keeps us from being able to focus on the long-term benefits of exercise.

When we set goals for ourselves, a great way to help ensure our success is to brainstorm any obstacles that might keep us from reaching our goals.

Then – and I mean write this down – list out strategies to help you overcome those obstacles.

Having them on paper helps keep us from wasting mental energy on a solution if/when we encounter an obstacle.

It also helps us to know in advance that if something comes up we will have our own backs, because we’ve already put a solution in place.

I’ve set rules for myself in my 30-day challenge to help prevent workout monotony. One rule is that I can’t repeat any form of exercise 2 days in a row.

Not only has this given me a subconscious assurance that I won’t ever be tempted to blow off a workout out of boredom, it’s given me a list of exercise options that I wouldn’t have normally considered off the top of my head.

Plan for the win, peeps. Don’t leave things to chance. Always set yourself up for success. 🎯

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