Day 7 – Exercise challenge – elliptical & weights

day 7 exercise challenge Kelly Heard Coaching

I watch my teenage daughter eat like she’s training for an Iron Man competition and never gain an ounce.

While I cut back, and cut back, and cut back on calories with no visible effect.

Despite being thin as a kid and well past my 20s, I never fully recovered from my 30-something pregnancy body. I was able to eventually get down to just 6 pounds away from my initial weight, but but that’s as low as I’ve ever been able to go.

And even maintaining that was easy until my hysterectomy several years ago.

I used to hear mid-life women complain about weight gain and think to myself ‘What’s the problem? All you have to do is exercise once in a while, and eat a little less.’ Now I get it.And Karma is getting me back for my youthful arrogance.

I’m on day 7 of this 30-day challenge, and part of me was expecting to see at least *some* physical change. But no… nothing except a sore back and hips.

Karma, maybe you can cut me just a little slack?

After all, dining on cheeseburgers with my daughter would be a great bonding ritual.😄

Two big things I need to tap into here.

1. Patience (after all, it’s only been 7 days for crying out loud)

2. Avoiding self-pity.

Thinking that I’m entitled to a payoff for my efforts, especially this soon, is only going to create negative thoughts that will distract me from my goal.

That 30 days will surely be here before I know it. 💯

[Hamburger image: Robert-Owen-Wahl on Pixabay]

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