Day 3 – Exercise Challenge – it’s a real commitment now

day 3 of exercise challenge: Kelly Heard Coaching

Day 3 of my 30-day exercise challenge: check!

Pretty good, considering Monday was Memorial Day and I’ve gotten into the habit of using a weekday holiday as an excuse to only exercise 2 days or less in a week.

If you can’t work out on M-W-F, then you need to only attempt Tu-F, right? Or maybe just W-F?

I’m getting creative with making excuses not to exercise.

And then I’m genuinely surprised that my waistline is getting larger and larger. That and being in complete denial that my metabolism is changing.  

Being a life and weight loss coach, you wouldn’t think I’d have any problem with maintaining my weight. Or setting and keeping goals.

Except, we’re only human. Even with all our coach training and experience, we still sometimes experience the same challenges as our clients do.  

But now I have my ‘why’ – my reason to make this commitment to myself and keep it, no matter what. I’m having surgery in 29 days, so I’m prepping for post-surgical inactivity.

I’m also hoping this will set me on a pattern of not making excuses to only exercise once or twice a week.

The future me will thank herself for that. 💜

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