Day 10 – Exercise challenge: morning walk

picture of lower and words day 10 morning walk Kelly Heard Coaching

It’s crazy the list of excuses I give myself to not exercise:

➡️I’m tired
➡️My knee hurts.
➡️My shoulder hurts.
➡️My lower back hurts.
➡️I did yard work yesterday, so that counts as a workout. 
➡️I just have too much to do today.
➡️It’s raining/snowing/icy/etc and so too dangerous to be on the road driving to the gym.
➡️I cut my hand yesterday, so I really shouldn’t be working out with a bandage on it.
➡️The wifi at the gym was really spotty last week and I won’t get in a decent workout if I’m distracted by my podcasts skipping. (I actually tried to use that one on myself before)
➡️Venus is currently in the third house of Mars, which means it’s not good to engage in heavy physical activity. (yes, I totally made that one up) 🌌

Truth is, even though some of those excuses may be factual, none of them is barring me from exercising. They’re just lies that I tell myself to justify not having to go through the discomfort of exercise.

It’s important to understand why we sometimes sabotage our own goals this way.

Usually it’s because we don’t want to experience the physical or emotional discomfort that we have to go through to get there.

In the end, we experience discomfort anyway. It just comes in the form of not achieving goals that we’ve set for ourselves. 🙏

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