Working Mom’s Beating Burnout Mini-Course

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It’s three short and simple video lessons, taught by certified life coach Kelly Heard, that will show you how to finally beat your stress, burnout, and overwhelm for good, and start living the life you want to be living. 

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This course is for you if:

  • ↪ Your life is like a hamster wheel:  you never stop running, and yet you never feel caught up on what needs to get done
  • ↪ You love your kids madly, but also like your career (and the income!), creating an endless state of Working Mom Guilt
  • ↪ Quality time with your family - or to yourself - doesn’t happen nearly as much as you need it to
  • ↪ You’re convinced work-life balance is for unicorns, not real women like you
  • ↪ You're interested in personal development and know that change doesn't come without a willingness to learn something new

Continuing the way things are in your life won’t bring about the change that you’re looking for. 

I’ll teach you my methods to finally find the peace, balance, and satisfaction you’ve been needing for a long time.

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Hi, I’m Kelly, the life coach for busy working moms who are struggling to overcome their burnout, stress, and overwhelm. 

I can help you find peace, happiness, and balance in your life, and discover the kind of work-life balance that works for you. 

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